Dienstag, 29. November 2011


Have fun to look at my Korea-Sctechbook. But I warn you:

Everything is in it, good and bad works, but it definitly reminds at my great time in Seoul and I´ve grown much as illustrator and as human :D

First Things I found here and fascinated me :D
Name of my university: Duksung Women´s University. The adventure begins :D
A walk in the Park-a fast scetch.
Great coffe here, you can have it with ice and sweet beans as dish.
Random Colorful Manga Stuff.
At this time I made all the little fanart gimmicks at my page ;) Iearned a lot.
The first days in Korea and the first time at the cheap Dunkin Donuts :)
Dongdaemun: Doota Place.
An Arngry Ajumma and a dog as an accessoir as we know it now from here.
Random korean google girls.

Korean Fee Market where you can buy selfmade things and get a portrait of yourself.
We just HAD to visit this café.
Our first place to stay out of Dormitory in Hongdae.
Behind the dornitory, all the lightning crusades made us very afraid O.o
The concert marathon began. We started to make friends.
..and we went eating everything tasty!...Except those cold noodles :V
I continued my character works.
Startet to see how Korean faces look like.
First "in the subway"scetches.
At Duksung University.

From the Namsan Tower top.See the shadow?
We visited two Palaces.
K-Pop. Our shopping music-if we want or not.
Korean history started to be very interesting, cuz we started to draw while lesson >:D
Baskin Robbins-an ice-cream franchise here.
At Bukchon were many old buildings.
I made a Cosplay cuz I learned two korean cosplay girls known. Cuz they asked us if we were cosplayer in our daily clothes xD And we made some shootings.
Again in Bukchon, we saw a cute teahouse.
And a nice museum of traditional art.
A classmate from Illustration class.
Illustration Project started-I need characters.
In the cafeteria with Van Hei.
Sitting in a late train after shooting, going to concert.
After the concert we went togehter with the bands and the crowd.I learned Soju and Katrin known. They are also Illustartors. The nice illustrationis from Soju.
And here I drew him This night we didn´t sleep and the next day my boyfriend just suprised me by coming to here :D

Auf dem koreanischen Lande hab ich nur ein paar Skizzen gemacht.

It´s going on with characters and people in the train.
...and a little zoo!
Korean History again.

the entrance cards from the Comiccon :3 And the entrance-band from Seoul night.
This night we saw a lot of nice bands again,this is billy carter, an awesome acoustic band!
Midnight smoke drive also made a fantastic show as always.
Another day we went to Outback- An australian-korean restaurant!!
At tuttospresso after class.
Subway scteches and picture with random korean guys.
My Korean histor teacher made it: He said Yogio(korean: here) and I understood Yu-Gi-Oh!(japanese cartoon) so I put a wig on him :D How about the english word painapple?;)

Pony owned by Lauren Faust, this pony is from a fanart. The woman from an indian restaurant.
some tries and a comic done while korean history of course!:D

The right hand Julia portrait is made by Katrin
I LOVE those hats!!
my university plan. and stuff.

I want to thank at this place every musician, any stranger and my roommates to inspire my and helped to make this book how it is!It means a lot to me.Thank you :D

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